TUREN-A2 Acero Cuchillo de Caza Full Tang Fijo Cuchillo con Vaina de Camping Supervivencia Cuchillos al aire libre Herramientas

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  • Manejo De Material: La madera
  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • BRICOLAJE, Suministros: Carpintería
  • Número De Modelo: SW01
  • Tipo de: La Cuchilla Fija Cuchillo
  • Material De La Cuchilla: A2
  • Nombre De La Marca: TUREN

TURENZ - LEÓN A2 Acero Cuchillo de Caza

1. LONGITUD TOTAL: 24.5 cm (9.6 pulgadas) 2. LONGITUD de la HOJA: 9.8 cm (3.9 pulgadas) 3. HOJA ANCHO: 3 cm (1.8 pulgadas) 4. GROSOR de la HOJA: 4 mm (0,16 pulgadas) 5. PESO: 179g (6.31 oz) 6. TRATAMIENTO térmico: el tratamiento térmico al Vacío 7. DUREZA: 60-61HRC 8. ESTRUCTURA: Full tang 9. BLADE: A2 Acero 10. MANGO: Cocobollo/madera Nudosa+G10 11. VAINA:tallado a Mano de cuero curtido vegetal

Etiquetas: cuchillos, nakiri cuchillos, CUCHILLO, la supervivencia multi herramienta, Full tang, cuchillos de caza cuchillo de supervivencia de los grandes, edc, im navaja, cuchillo de supervivencia de los hombres, alfombra cuchillo.


Very nice knife, a well made copy of Bark River. If only it would be A2 tool steel...
Aljon Vino
Great, very good looking, I need to brand it in the field, very happy with the purchase.
Susana 98 Xd
Great quality good good
High quality in the trim, beautiful silking much care x details, they are truly happy is satisfied in this price I believe you couldn't do better. I don't like the lion on the handle but also that noted the craft is artistic vein of this manufacturer, just look at the sheath, beautiful. Hope the steel is a A2 china real. The knives in M390 are real tested by channel you tube Luv-Them 61-62 hrc. Great knife-great seller. SUPER. Tank you…
Excelent knife. Fast delivery. I'm very satisfied. Thank you very much.